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Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
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Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
  • Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
  • Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
  • Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
  • Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
  • Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300
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Vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300

Newest vacuum shockwave therapy machine SW300

Work theory:

Vacuum shockwave is the new technology of shock waves to treat flaws caused by cellulite and the effect of orange peel skin.

It is a new electromagnetic shockwave, avoiding all the energy dispersion problems of traditional compressed air systems.

The vacuum system controlled allows the acoustic wave to only be confined in fatty tissue, concentrating energy only where it is needed for the purposes of the results. By combining the vacuum with shock waves, we stimulate 3 times more tissue volume than conventional shockwave to effectively treat cellulite by stimulating a larger surface of biological tissue, increasing the regenerative and recuperative effects of the tissue treated.


1.By the targeted application of the shockwaves, stress to the surrounding tissues is quite insignificant

2.The body not burdened by pharmaceuticals, except the short-term effect of local anesthesia if used

3.Pain Treatment Rehabilitation physiotherapy

4.Muscle growth strength training post-exercise recovery

5.Decrease abdominal and body fat

How does Shock wave work on cellulite ?

Shockwave works by stimulating the fat break down, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. Shockwave is delivered by placing a probe up against the areas of cellulite, as it passes over the area it emits Radial Waves through the skin.

Shockwave can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite as this treatment improves blood flow to the cellulite-prone area and reduces the volume of fat by helping your cells flush away unwanted fatty deposits

Shock wave for physiotherapy:

shock wave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of increase of pressure within a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase. Shock wave is aimed at the affected area that are the source of chronic pain, the influence of the shock waves causes to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.

Shockwave therapy for ED treatment:

Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction have vascular problems affecting the vessels that

supply blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in a decreased ability to develop and maintain an erection. The end result is an inadequate blood-flow followed by premature

draining of an already reduced amount of blood from the cavernous bodies, meaning an erection is not achieved. Shockwave Therapy for ED of this type can be a highly effective treatment.



Vacuum shockwave therapy



Vacuum intensity


Max energy shock wave

200 MJ

Shock wave frequency


Power consumption



110V-240 V      50HZ/60HZ


53 X 47 X 41 cm

Gross weight

20 KG

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